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How to install a rotary airer

Watch our step-by-step video showing how to install a rotary airer, with expert advice and top tips to help you complete the job with confidence.

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  1. You need to check for plumb in two plains.

  2. Check that the post is vertical TWICE ….. at 45 degrees apart spacing.

  3. Could you please let me know what make and size airer is used? Also, does all the airer comes with a plastic socket.

  4. Do take your rotary line in, especially in the winter. I didn't and mine won't come out of the socket any more so I can't replace it. I can't be a good example, I'll just have to be a terrible warning!

  5. What is the procedure if you have an artificial grass lawn?

  6. ❤😂well done!! I love the grass coin!!

  7. Nice job, but won't that turf die cos there's not enough soil underneath for the roots?

  8. can you buy the shorter pole separate?

  9. Can you tell me how much space is needed when it is stretched?

  10. Not sure what the “socket” is, I’m assuming it doesn’t come with the clothesline. Anyone know? A link would be perfect, thanks.

  11. can i ask what type cement that was used in the video?

  12. Great job guys, nice coin 👍

  13. Good presenting style and a helpful step by step guide. Thank you

  14. I have a socket installed into concrete in which the pole rusted and snapped inside. How do I remove it? It's got paving slabs/rocks around it too. Set into the concrete before I lived here

  15. What size bag of Postcrete do you need for one job, 5Kg?

  16. Thank you. Followed these instructions to the letter and it turned out fine. Use a strong stick to mix in the cement and as shown on the video important to layer it as it starts to set very quickly. Digging the hole was hard work so I just added a bit of water to soften up the turf.

  17. I would have appreciated some overhead shots of what was going on. Also the reason for such extra large dimensions? You need plenty of room to mix the cement – it becomes very stodgy, very quickly and you need plenty of space to manoeuvre. Good video though – appreciate the help!

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