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How to Install a Telecaster Bridge | Fender

In this Fender University clip, John Dreyer is joined by Chris Fleming with Fender R&D to showcase the steps needed to install a Telecaster bridge.

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How to Install a Telecaster Bridge | Fender


  1. I love Fender but this video is worthless, lol.

    I, and I assume most people that clicked on this video, was wanting to learn how to get the bridge square and drilling the mounting holes correctly in the right location.

    This video shows how to screw four screws into holes that were already there.

  2. Okay, I see how when the friction gets the screw and wood hot the wax melts and aids in lubeing the join then solidifies in the hole. . , only after time, would the wax become brittle and crack and break up(oh my) from the vibrations, thus diminishing the sustain, if only maybe in a subtle degree? maybe not even noticable except to an edward van halen type?

  3. What I really need is how to install a bridge when there aren't already holes pre-drilled. Any lemur can screw a bridge to pre-drilled holes.

  4. Hand sop works as well your preferance indicated.

  5. Will this fit in squier Tele without modification?

  6. Hi,
    Possible to put this bridge on a Squier Classic Vibe '60s Telecaster Thinline? Thank you

  7. Is it just me or does the first bridge not cover the pickup routing completely?

  8. Thanks for the complete lack of information about Intonation or on bodies without holes making sure the bridge is square

  9. Need to know how to position the holes . Easy when the holes are already drilled .

  10. Yet,they want you to pay ten grand for this plank.

  11. I still see the border of the cavity under the three saddle ashtray bridge, is it normal? Does it mean that the hole is too big or that the bridge is not aligned?

  12. I used to prefer the 3 saddle bridges for aesthetics, but I much prefer the modern 6 block saddle, non ash tray bridges. Much more comfortable, and precise intonation. I just had to sacrifice some of the retro mojo

  13. Just what I need. Thanks a lot !

  14. Anyone have any experience putting a 3 saddle bridge on a Player Series Tele? If so, which one do you recommend? Thanks

  15. Are all fender telecaster vintage 4 screws ashtray bridge are same sizes

  16. Boy do we gloss over this stuff

  17. Why on earth does Fender still make guitars without offset saddles?!?!? One can argue that most non tone deaf pros throughout the romantic historical period of the Telecaster offset the saddles anyway.

  18. My problem is compressing the springs that surround the machine screws that attach the pick-up to the bridge plate.
    How do I do that?

  19. I've always used three saddle bridges, and wondered if I could change the newer bridges like this. Thank you, from a 55 year player!

  20. I recently put a new bridge on my tele and this is exactly what I needed. I so appreciate these videos. Thank you.

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