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How To Repair A Motorcycle Tire

How To Repair A Tubeless Tire

Nothing stops a ride quite like a flat tire. Hopefully you’ve packed a flat repair kit to combine with Lemmy’s knowledge. Put the two together, and you’re back on the road. Not today, tow truck! Lemmy’s seen a few flats in his time, so let a pro walk you through a staple of motorcycle repair. For a more in-depth look at fixing that flat, read more at Common Tread.


  1. so i'm Sh*t out of luck. Pirelli Diablo Rosso IV (140, 300cc size) is the only tire i'll put on my wheels, and both front and rear are out of stock. this is my only mode of transportation, guess i'll be riding around on a bicycle until yall restock it

  2. moyorcycle repair shop don't patch up tires due to liability
    they'll sell you a tire also charge you for the installation Just good to have a tire repair kit

  3. This works only on tubeless tyres or to normal tyres also ?🤔

  4. This dude makes a good video. Good job, Mon.

  5. I carry a small bicycle pump about 5in. Might take 5 minutes but I don’t need refills.

  6. You're awesome, thank you, Sir!

  7. I’m pretty sure those strips are not meant for tasting, I’ve tried, not good

  8. I notice that some of those kits comes with glue tube. In this video there is no mention of the glue, is really need it ?

  9. So spit on the hole and give it some good rimming. Got it.

  10. Nice job with the video, it was very educational and helpful 👍
    Just had my first tyre puncture and it was the front one. So how long will this plug last? Does the wheel need to be removed and sealed from the inside properly? Or will I have to replace the wheel?
    Also how many punctures can these tyres take before they need to be replaced?
    Thanks in advance 😊

  11. Clear and succint, excellent presentation. Well done and thanks!

  12. thank you aqua man thank you

  13. @7:18 "have some destruction's" sick destruction m/,

  14. Lemmy thank you so much for the video. I scrolled through the comments but couldn't find anyone addressing the fact that you left a little of the plug when cutting. Is that intentional I'm guessing or should it be cut flush? Thank you!

  15. U forgot to put glue on the whole and on rubber plug

  16. Great video. I have the kit….reaming tool, plug tool etc as you showed….but no 'device' to connect the CO2 cartridge to. I always thought it connected t the flexible hose????

  17. Great instructional video. Back in the day, when I lacked funds, those plugs were my permanent fix.😀

  18. Top presentation Lemmy.. very very useful to know ..
    Big old Barge lol 🤣

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