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How To Repair PVC Pipe Using a Slip Fix

There are a number of ways to repair a broken PVC irrigation line. One popular method is to use a slip fix expansion coupling. Doug Donahue from Ewing Irrigation demonstrates in this video.

Product Info:
Slip Fix:

PVC Lock Flex Coupling:

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  1. The Flex line is also not to be used on continuously pressurized lines.

  2. Is there a preferred direction of pressure for any reason?

  3. the 4 elbow fittings fix is my goto, but i bet the water gets mad at having to zig zag down the pipes. ive got these slips tho that have lasted 20+ years.

  4. Thank you for this! I always cut and glue, but we have a repair surrounded by tree roots where freeing several feet of the pipe would be a huge chore. This will make it so much easier.

  5. good video. Thank you for posting.

  6. These are easy to use. But I’ve seen many of them fail under mainline pressure that were installed roughly 10-20 years prior. Overtime like any o-ring they flatten out and you get a drip leak, and I’ve also seen them get a steady stream spraying. It’s basically inevitable for cheap silicone o-rings.

    I wish they’d make it so behind the o-ring it had female IPS threads with a pre installed ring of male threads that once you slid it in place, you could snug up the back end with Teflon so if the o-rings failed, the threads would still protect it.

  7. The slip fix is the joint from hell will always fail

  8. He's a great instructor in person too, I took a smartscape class down in phoenix and he had great advice at that course. Was cool randomly finding him on youtube months later. Ewing really puts forth the effort.

  9. so a question, can this be used on warm to hot water applications, mainly pool solar pvc? It never exceeds more than 110 degrees

  10. Can the sliding coupling be used on constant-pressure lines?

  11. That was good for that type of connector. Hope you have one for compression connector. Would like to see if my thinking is right on the least amount of length I can have to insert the coupling.

  12. Hi. Thanks for the video. Which pipe cutter is used in the video? Thanks.

  13. What is the life expectancy of the O-rings in the coupler, main water line with pressure of say 75lbs? I would think the O-rings would over time become brittle and cause a leak? Expectancy of the expansion coupling??? Nice presentation.

  14. Thank you so much for this video, seriously helpless before I saw this. Just a thankful mom who fixed a pvc pipe secretly all by myself and now no angry husband 😉🙏❣💞♥️😄

  15. Honestly, I see the use and the concept of this and how it could be handy, but let's face the facts. Let's see a chat from 1 to 10 on how handy this is. I give it a 4, I wouldn't use this, but I could see how someone who doesn't do a lot of plumbing could be easily struck over by this fitting, but I see it as useless unless you're a homeowner that doesn't want to cut pipe to fit. Even though you have to cut the main pipe to fix it anyway. Good product, just don't see it being used besides for office workers, or the elderly.

  16. Do they have these for L couplings?

  17. can i use this to repair my water pipes below the sink under the house? Water froze and they busted the pipes

  18. Why whip off excessive cement ?

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