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How to Repair Torn Drywall Paper FAST!

In this video, I show you how to repair torn drywall paper the fastest way I know. Hope this video helps you out!

Bin spray primer – https://amzn.to/3s7LMQm
Gardz primer – https://amzn.to/3iBrGL0
Easy sand 5 – https://amzn.to/3Cw6ka5
6 inch taping knife – https://amzn.to/2VJasCy
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    Thanks for watching! 😃

  2. Great tutorial. Exactly what I needed to know. Thanks.

  3. I just use bricks and plaster instead, fuck paper walls

  4. I use watered down PVA glue. It gets under the edges of the paint and paper and locks it down, I put the mud on after it has gone tacky, but that's not important within 30 minutes is good, the mud will soften the PVA and then it will harden again but now locking the mud to the wall. Now the important part! brush don't roll on some undercoat, that will stop the very thin layer of mud softening and pulling up when rolling on a top coat.

  5. Thanks for the tips they were helpful.

  6. Prequel to this video was probably titled "How to Remove Wall-mounted TV FAST!"

  7. Ain't you supposed to prime it after you fill it with the mud?

  8. Take a larger paint sample, they usually need at least a square inch to get a reliable match.

  9. I would have probably just cut the tworn areas out square and put a little bit of some spray adhesive on a piece of white printer paper and stuck it on there. Paper should be about the same thickness as the one that came off. If not stick on pieces untill you get there and just paint over it after you slather on a light coat of drywall compound.

  10. What’s also good about a paint color matching machine is if the paint has faded over time, the new paint will match the failed color matching the wall.

  11. Can you use this same technique after removing crown molding?

  12. Hang a picture over it. 5 minute fix.

  13. Great content, love the channel. I would love to see a video about fixing nail pops in drywall.

  14. The easy sand 5 dry compound- how on earth can anyone mudd in 5 minutes? It should come in 1/2 or 1 cup portions.

  15. This is so informative. Thank you! I did this same thing by accident in my apartment and I don’t want my landlord to be upset when I move out. Thank you for linking the products you used too

  16. Come do my walls… Please.

  17. Wet the paper first and no primer is necessary. Instead of sanding, which can take you back down to the paper, use a moist sponge.

  18. Wow! Great job! I like the tape you put under, when sanding, to catch most of the dust. That's another cool tip I learned here. 👍

  19. Put a tarp down….no mistakes,no dust

  20. Great presentation. Well-explained and very helpful. Thank you!

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