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How to Repair Damaged Car Seat Audi R8 Leather Repair Steps

The Audi R8 gets driven daily and has begun to lose its paint or “dye” from constant in and out of the drivers seat. This is a step by step tutorial through the repair process which is much different and far less expensive than the replacement process. Brian from www.fibrenew.com showed me the how a damaged seat can be repaired through Fibrenew’s proprietary products and techniques. They have 100’s of franchisee’s located in the USA and Canada who repair vinyl, leather, plastics and so on. Amazing artistry to preserve the existing material. Hope you enjoy! -L

Visit www.fibrenew.com or Brian’s specific business page here: www.fibrenew.com/north-raleigh-wake-forest

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  1. Well, it looks good. My BMW M6 has some of the usual wear on the driver’s seat, arm rests, and door card. I’ve contacted a local contractor… we’ll see how it goes!

  2. Half of the price as oposed to buying new ones ? How much is this costing? An arm and a leg?

  3. Same seats that are in my TT Mk2. Since I'm not rich and the car is not worth 80,000$, I wasn't ready to spend that much money on leather repair. I found a product online called Belino Cuir and ordered the black version. I was hesitant to use it though. I left it on the shelf for almost a year. But finally decided to try it on the lower part at the back of a seat (just in case it was crap and I couldn't fix the disaster). Turns out it worked very well and is very easy to use! It's a kind of fast drying gel. You put the stuff on the cracks and then wipe it down with a cloth. If you put too much and it is visibly different from the surrounding leather, you rub on it hard with the cloth. And as a last resort, you apply a bit of Windex on a rag and wipe it down. But it mostly worked very well for me and my seats look good. Not like you see in this video of course. But all the cracks and the discoloration are gone. It even died the thread back to black.

    Important: Before you start, you must remove any dirt or leather conditionner and the leather need to be dry. Also, when you're finished, apply a decent quality leather conditionner over all of your seats, especially where you re-dyed your leather. 4.5/5 for the ease of use and 5/5 for the value for the price. That was the only thing that was bugging me about my car interior and in the end I could have fixed it a while ago for 15$ and 2 hours of work. I should have done this way sooner!

  4. Do you need to re -spray the seat if cracks on bolster are only very local in one place?
    Can I purchase touch up kit on internet by giving car paint code?

  5. You put a top coating on the seats, and it made me think. Surely the manufacturer also coats the leather surfaces in the car , and if that's the case then why do companies produce conditioner for leather seats and leather surfaces for the car? Because if there is a coating on it the conditioner will not absorb at all, am I wrong?

  6. We did this on my wife's FD RX7 and it looked great at first but 6 months in and it looks bad again.

  7. I'm super interested to find out how long did this seat treatment last?
    Did it crack or split or discoloured or become water porous ?
    Please add photos. Thanks

  8. I hope this works otherwise ill have to replace whole seats

  9. Very informative! Although, for me, it’s best I pay a professional. Great video!

  10. Did he say half the price of replacing it. Lol you must be expensive

  11. I’ve seen this done before and while it looks great, it definitely does Not feel like it. It’s Rough.

  12. love your videos. great work and information. also first time ive seen someone spray in patagonia

  13. Way more complicated than polishing paint…

  14. new drinking game, each time you hear proprietary


  16. What other cars do you have?

  17. I can see how colored stitching could be a nightmare for this process.

  18. Why not do both seats so they match?

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