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How to Repair a Hot Tub or Spa Cover using HH-66

Your spa or hot tub cover is made with marine grade vinyl. It’s tough, but not tough enough. Over time, UV rays will deteriorate the vinyl, and you may notice threadbare areas or broken stitches. In some situations you may find that applying a vinyl patch using HH-66 Vinyl Cement and Shelter-Rite Vinyl Fabric may give you a few more seasons use.

For more info on HH-66 click here: http://www.sailrite.com/Brand/HH~66

For more info on Shelter-Rite click here: http://www.sailrite.com/search?keywords=shelter-rite


  1. thanks!!! i just did this for mine! i think it is going to work out nicely!!!

  2. I'm thinking of making one out of something else that doesn't use vinyl not sure what. There is lot better insulating material then those covers have.

  3. My tub got hail damage and not water traps inside. I can't afford a new cover. Anyone have any suggestions? I was thinking doing my best to drain the water then duct taping it with all weather gorilla tape.

  4. Most Covers are over $600 now…and on back order for 10-12 months. Good times…..

  5. What if the tear goes all the way under the lid as well?

  6. Hail hit my hot tub cover and not only ripped holes in the vinyl, but knocked out some of the inner foam. How can I replace those missing foam chunks before I patch the vinyl?

  7. Took your advice after watching many videos about repairing my soon to be totally 100% split hot tub cover. Yes, I procrastinated and stupidly let it split completely after almost 5 years of life in the baking Southern exposure sun and Chicago area 4-season brutal, annual temperature changes. Bought the combo H-66 and heavy-duty black vinyl to match the black trim on the bottom of my hot tub as well as the black bracket arms. Pix and links of combo products bought on Amazon Prime featured here for your review. Vinyl provided is 18” wide by 60” long. Hot tub cover is 7’x7’ so cut vinyl in half length-wise to get 2 long pieces 9” wide by 5’ or 60” long. Was a bit of a challenge brushing a ton of vinyl cement on such a long piece of vinyl and then also on the hot tub cover after washing with rubbing alcohol on a clean rag. Let the cement “dry” for about 5 minutes or so on both surfaces with shiny side of vinyl strip down and dull side up to look more like the existing gray cover. Anyway…let it dry in place for 24 hours before opening and it seems to have quite the strong bond. Let’s see how long it lasts. Glad I bought the larger 32 ounce cement because I think I may be spot-gluing the edges and other areas of such a large repair strip going forward and definitely prior to and during the nasty weather months ahead. Thanks for this advice! So far so good! I hope my $40 investment on Amazon saves me $500 for a new cover for as long as possible.

    Link to brief iMovie video on YouTube with product purchased as well as finished result. Might not be a bad idea for us hot tub owners to put a vinyl strip like this on brand-new sewn covers to reinforce them from the start and prevent any kind of damage in the first place since it doesn’t seem to look too shabby:


  8. Glue would stick better to the dull rough surface. As well as roughing up the surfaces a little.

  9. Thanks for the video tutorial! This helped a lot!

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  11. Appreciate the video. But could you possibly say shelter rite more times during the video. I mean it might as well be an infomercial at this point. Put it in the title to and make clear. Shelter rite.

  12. Thanks for the video.
    Do you think this would work on a pool cover? Ive searched everywhere but the only pool cover patches I’ve found are for small holes, nothing more than 8” and unfortunately that just won’t work, I have a 16” torn seam I need to repair. 🙁

  13. Thank you for this helpful video – it was to the point, packed with everything I needed to repair my hot tub cover including where to buy the products used in your video. I received my order from Sailrite in a few days and successfully repaired my cover. Thank you!

  14. if the cover lifter was installed correctly this wouldn't happen.

  15. This works great, so far. I bought the products online. The glue (HH66) came via UPS. Each sheet of Sailrite is large and is more than big enough for two patches; one at each end and a strip down the center seam. I did pretty big patches and while the color does not match very well because of the fading on the hut tub cover, the patches are holding well. Note; get a pretty big can of the the glue as you use a fair amount of it on larger patches. ;<))

  16. Exactly the solution I've been looking for to fix this problem on our cover! Thank you!

  17. Unfortunately I could not buy any of this HH 66 and the only place I could get it from Rose Anderson but they wanted to charge me about £50 delivery that is because it is flammable and it had to go on a flight I did ask if they could post it more cheaply via the boat but they said no!😉🙁

  18. You should have used a brown patch not a black! Looks awful

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