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How to install a Dashcam by hiding the cables

I grabbed a new Uniden iGO Cam 90R and set about installing it in a new Kia Seltos – don’t let the cable dangle down from the dash, you can tidy things up with your own installation. Let me show you how to hide the cables powering your dashcam. It’s easier than you think


  1. Very useful tutorial. I've just hidden my camera cable in Mazda 2 and it looks awesome!

  2. Where can got Camara security from Camara back Camara with the 24.7 cable to fuse

  3. Thank you for the Installation share and how to easy hide the cables this help me a lot! 💖

  4. best instructional video ever. Thank you Sir.

  5. would have liked to see wiring the back camera

  6. Great I was afraid to go on that corner on the roof to the door

  7. Pillars have airbags in them so you're blocking it with the cable. Please delete this video, it's misleading.

  8. Sorry but that loose 20m of cable would drive me mad.That would need to go somewhere.Good video tho'.Thanx.

  9. Trev, I am wondering how you fitted the long cable to the rear camera? All new cars have side curtain air bags fitted, what are the problems/dangers of pushing the cable along the door opening trim above the doors where the side curtain air bags are fitted?

  10. This is too much for me. I think I will give it up😢😢

  11. Thanks so much for this great video. I had my reservations about routing the cable throught the trim but now I have seen how you did it, my faith in my own ability has been restored! Thanks so much for your help!

  12. This dash cam install is very much like how I did mine. I installed a front and rear Garmin 57. Worked out very well.

  13. Hi Pippi and Brooke.😂😂

  14. I have the same camera but different "brand". I would say that being taller, I mounted higher and not centered; its a wide angle lense, so dont be too specific about being center.

  15. I returned mine. The installation was just too difficult. I don't have the patience for that.

  16. People like me are idiots, we don't know how to route the cables to the rear. There are so many more variables when routing the cable to the rear camera since the cable has more real estate to cover, especially if they have a lift gate. You should've recorded that.

  17. This guy doesnt know how to do it. Compressing the wire by prodding it in with the plastic pry tool 🤦

  18. Thanks 🙏 such a helpful video. I have never known how easily it is until get into it.

  19. Easiest video to follow, was able to install quickly. Very clear directions!

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