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How To Install Cement Board and Waterproofing For Tile Shower Walls – Complete Step-By-Step Guide

In this video, I show you how to install cement board and waterproofing for tile shower walls. A complete step by step guide on the process of installation of cement board is explained in detail. This is a crucial step in any tiled shower installation.

If you’re looking to tile your own shower, make sure to watch this video first!
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Intro 00:00
How to hang cement board 02:41
How to cut cement board 04:53
How to tape and mud cement board 08:15
How to waterproof cement board 13:03
Outro 15:40

Disclaimer: This video is all based on my personal opinion and is for entertainment purposes ONLY. I am not a financial advisor, CPA, attorney, tax advisor, electrician, plumber, housing contractor, designer, or any type of profession to give advice. I am just a consumer sharing my experiences and research. If you do need knowledge for those types of things, I will advise you to seek help for those professionals.


  1. The pan that came with my frameless shower kit instructs to leave a 1/16 to 1/8 gap between the backer board and the top of the pan. It then says to apply silicone to that gap. It includes a diagram that shows the bottom row of tiles will cover the lip of the pan.

  2. Why not start putting the boards on from the floor up rather than top down that way the previous board supports the next and you are not trying to hold a board in the air and screw it on!

  3. I have a Kerdi pan, because my shower is is wider then a normal shower, how do you butt the cement board to that and make it waterproof?

  4. Just came cross this video and I have to wonder why any one doing tile today would be using this antiquated product!

  5. Wow this video is so informative , exactly what i was looking for

  6. Josh, thank you for taking time to show step by step process, being so thorough. I Have never done any of these projects, but you sure do a great job taking the mystery out of building a home DIY.
    I am in the early stages of planning to build a house, and I want to do most of the work myself so "can save a ton of money" and get the satisfaction of doing it myself. I have subscribed to your channel, and will be watching many more videos.
    Your channel is the MOST thorough and BEST channel I have found on home building. No one shows, and explains it as simple as you. Thanks a bunch and keep up the great work. You are helping lots of people! ALL the best to ya!

  7. I'm sold. No kit for me, I'm tiling my own shower. I'm single and live alone so I can get away with washing out of 5-gallon buckets and going to planet fitness while my shower is down.👍

  8. I’ve never used adhesive just screws is that acceptable or no?

  9. If you are doing the whole thing including framing (new construction) you can notch the studs at the bottom – about a quarter inch or even just 3/16 inch deep, the height of the pan to allow the pan to recess into the stud wall. So much easier to notch the studs.

  10. I love your video; video quality is great, you speak clearly, confidently and with enthusiasm, and your explanations are detailed and clear.

    I just don't understand why you started at the top of the wall?


  11. what we are witnessing is our ape behavior coming out. it demonstrates that most people are capable of having a cluster b disorder mindset.

  12. Josh, You make it look easy. The backer board you use is heavy. Then add glass tile. I carried all this in the house. Great job. 👍 It may look easy, but it is not. 😮 Thank you for the step by step.

  13. Josh, Excellent video and work. You're a craftsman who cares about his workmanship. I did my bathroom a few years back. The tile work was horrible. I paid top 💵 dollar for poor quality work. My old bath was almost 50 years old. I doubt the new one will last that long. One thing is to wear a mask.

  14. Hey Josh, I like your channel and content, it's been very helpful as I am remodeling our bath room. I am taking out a tub and installing a Delta walk in shower kit. I do however have a question or two. When installing the backer board, in your experience are you putting the board on top of the lip or the tub/shower? Your thoughts and recommendation would be appreciated.

  15. You're great. Thanks for the helpful training. Can I ask … When you cut the wonder board, and have no bevel in the seam of the wonder board , like you have on the right and left side cuts of the wonder board, how do you avoid the thinset bulging a bit?. Thanks again.

  16. is it a no no to put cement board over drywall. That way the walls stay more protected or is that a dumb idea. I know it shrinks the size but not that much. Thanks

  17. you with the goggles cracks me up it's like watchin bubbles from trailer park boys painting a shower.

  18. I mud first to fill the gaps between boards then put the fiber mesh in with a bit of mortar again… no one ever fills the gap on these videos…😂😂

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