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How to Repair a Small Engine Recoil Starter

In this video Mark explains the steps needed to repair a small engine recoil starter. Anyone who has owned a lawnmower knows how often this part fails, and Mark is here to help you make the repair yourself.

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To read this video’s repair article, visit: http://www.ereplacementparts.com/article/6533/How_to_Repair_a_Small_Engine_Recoil_Starter.html


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  1. Hi Mark , thanks for your helpful videos…Now I have a problem where the rope pulls and recoils but no engine pressure while I'm pulling…It's a fairly new machine so should not be doing this…Thanks.

  2. Well Done, Mark. I'll work on my tiller in the morning. Thanks.

  3. This video helped a LOT. I fumbled quite a while trying to figure it out until I looked here and in a few short minutes had no problem repairing the starter and I was on my way. Well done Thanks.

  4. very good and useful cant say more

  5. Thanks for this video I really appreciate this video keep up the good work

  6. I had to replace my rope thanks to man's best friend. She chewed it in half. Silly Dog.

  7. Need an explanation how to re-engage the spring ends into the slots …it refuses to automatically go into the slots on their own when turning …

  8. Thanx! Simple, Safe & quick- My Favorites!

  9. Thanks Mark, just what I needed to fix my problem!

  10. I hope this works – thanks so much for the video.

  11. I have a briggs and stratton 6.25 series 190cc ok while I'm mowing the lawn making turns and pushing or pulling up on the bar I'll hear like a grinding sound coming from somewhere I'll give my rope a little tug and it will stop and after a few more movement's of the bar then it does it again any advice?

  12. So much easier than the other methods

  13. is there a recoil starter replacement available for a b&s housing what i have is a recoil starter off a 1988 b&s 3 of the 4 tabs that hold the round plastic piece for the rope are broke the plastic piece falls out. the housing is no longer available engine model # 92902 3271-01 860804 04

  14. The rope on my snowblower retracts back inside, but when I attempt to pull the rope to start the engine there is no tension.

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