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How to repair a hole in a fiberglass RV

If you knock a hole in a fiberglass laminate camper, it not as bad as you’d think to repair it yourself. Repair shops will tell you to contact your insurance company then charge you a fortune to fix it. My son and I did the repair for under $100. You can save yourself literally thousands of dollars. See West Marine’s Youtube videos for detailed instructions. They also have excellent phone support.


  1. Life is like a box of RV damage, you never know what you’re gonna get

  2. Hi Marion,

    Thank you for making this excellent video!

    One question please…

    Can you please explain a little more about how you made that “backing“ or “back plate“?

    Thank you kindly 🙂

  3. Man when I heard you talk I knew you were from my home lol! My camper caught a branch through it in the last hurricane that came through carencro. I just had it hauled up to Washington for me and finally getting around to dealing with the hole. Gotta get everything out of it first. Pretty sure I got some water in there but the good thing is it’s so dry here none of it sits. We’ll see how it goes.

    Are those special mesh patches for fiberglass? Or could you use Sheetrock patches?

  4. Would you by any chance know the paint code they gave you ??

  5. Looks great. Thank you for sharing your experience.

  6. Thanks got a small hole looks like an arrow went through the casing down the bottom by the bedroom its a cottage from USA semi patched it up but will try and see how i can follow what you have done. Yours is a nice job got a feeling who did this

  7. What is that backing plate you made made out of?

  8. Hello. Excellent instructions on fixing the hole in your trailer's front face! I have a Micro Lite which I believe is the twin to your Mini Lite so the Filon (laminate) color should be the same. I need to repair a few small holes and would like to repairs to match the trailer's color. Could you provide me the mix details for the custom paint you had made? Thank you.

  9. Thanks for sharing. I've been looking for something like this

  10. Did you leave the hole empty or did you put something behind the filler

  11. Do you have links to the items you bought? Which west marine kit is it?
    What kind of mesh is that?

  12. In fits of drunken rage i threw a chair into my wall. Now i have a hole. Time to patch it up

  13. Awesome job! Thanks, first repair I actually watched the entire video. I damaged my RV backing up to my house gutter that actually sticks out from my house 3 feet…….sheesh. Can’t wait to get it repaired.

  14. How old is your mini light, and is it made from Azdel? We have a 2021 Rockwood minilite 2205S, the shower sprayer just wasn’t cutting it, so my wife bought a new one from oxigenics shower head, it came with pretty long stainless steel screws and I thought they were a little long but did not think they would poke through the back side of the camper 🤦‍♂️, so now I have a screw hole that went all the way through to the outside! My wife is not to happy with me…..

  15. You did a great job with this! Nice!

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