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How To Install a BrassCraft® Compression Valve

Learn how to install or replace a compression shut-off valve (stop).

This video is for those individuals seeking the most up-to-date installation information. For more information about BrassCraft products, please visit our website at http://www.brasscraft.com or contact BrassCraft customer service at (877) 272-7755.

About BrassCraft Manufacturing Company 

BrassCraft Manufacturing Company is a leader in the design, manufacturing, and distribution of rough plumbing products for new construction and repair and remodel markets. Founded by Robert Zell in 1964, the company is headquartered in Novi, Mich., with manufacturing facilities across the United States. Through its industry leading BrassCraft® brand, the company provides a variety of solutions designed with the professional plumber in mind. Its portfolio of products includes water stops, water connectors/supply lines, gas connectors, water heater connectors, drain cleaning products, and hand tools. The brand is available at wholesale supply houses and home improvement retailers across the United States and Canada, and select international channels. The company upholds its commitment to promoting careers in the trades through its Zell Scholarship Program, providing scholarships for plumbing & HVAC apprentices.

For more information, visit brasscraft.com.


  1. I didn't have room to get a wrench underneath the new valve. I used a 2.5 inch 'C' clamp and found that worked really well, actually better than an adjustable wrench. It works from below or above.

  2. Does it work with Pex (plastics) supply water line?

  3. Thanks a lot! Very perfect instructions!!!!

  4. Thanks brother. Needed this visually!

  5. No instructions in any of the 3 boxes I bought at home depo.

  6. Is it the same process with PVC pipes?

  7. Thank you! My valve is now installed.

  8. Why do your connectors fail so much when I buy the connector new where it attaches to the valve like the rubber seal doesnt work

  9. These fittings are the bomb. Just put one in cpvc

  10. Great vid – direct, clear & to the point.

    If my new 1/4 turn BrassCraft lasts 22yrs, like the old BC multiturn that it replaced (after damage), then I can't promise you a lot of repeat business, but a lot of geed word of mouth.

  11. Should have shown the part removal of the old valve. Also need to show you don't need to remove old nut on wall, just reuse.

  12. What kind of idiot posts a video of how to replace something and completely skips how to remove it? Fucking twat

  13. I tighten my larger nut onto the valve and tighten with wrench but the whole unit (nut and valve) can still spin on the pipe. Is this supposed to tighten onto the pipe?

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