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How to Repair a Hole in a Sock with Darning

Learn how to repair your damaged socks by using the tried and true method of darning. Give your nice socks the TLC they deserve.

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  1. This should be a mandatory skill that all students should learn in school along with gun safety , Swimming lessons , Kick boxing , identification of plants in the local area , basket weaving ( because this skill can be used for multiples situations like making a pair of shoes to walk in if you were straded in the middle of nowhere for multiple reasons that could possibly happen randomly. )
    And Shelter building , Farming , animal husbandry , and preserving food for long periods of time , and First Aid & C.P.R. should all be mandatory skills being taught in every local High school across this Nation for just in case scenarios
    Because it's better to be prepared than to be Sorry 😞 !!!!!!
    Thank you –
    Skål Sistór

  2. I Always played hard as a kid and now as a hard working father im always go through a good pair of boots in one year and a good pair of socks always ends up with holes
    And bombas socks are freaking expensive as hell but well woth the price and could never throw em out thinking 🤔 i might be able to repair these one day and your video magically poped up in my feed 😉 thanks a lot 🙏, this is much appreciated information / Knowledge.

  3. Thank you so much !!!! A soldiers most important is his feet !!! So many soldiers from Vietnam were sadly brought dòwn from poor hygiene because of the rain always having wet feet and worn out boots and socks

  4. My wife darns all my holey socks. She says darn this sock has a hole in it and then throws in the trash😂

  5. This is awesome, thank you so much!

  6. Excellent tutorial. I have a whole bin of socks in need of repair that I’ve been avoiding. Socks are too expensive, like everything else today, to just throw away. Problem solved. Many thanks. 👍

  7. This is going to be fun! Now, I won't feel any weirdness in my socks when they need to be repaired. I've previously only been pulling the sides together. I'm done paying for new socks!

  8. Thanks so much for this tutorial! I have thrown away too many socks to count over the years because I didn't know how to mend them without making them uncomfortable to wear. I have six kids, and my husband, especially, is really rough on his socks, so this skill will save us a lot of money and prevent us from sending a lot of wearable socks to the landfill.

  9. Time to use this method on the hole in my stockings. Thanks 🙂

  10. Totally new at this. Should the thread be cotton or nylon or wool

  11. My partner's socks get so holey so I'm going to surprise him with this.

  12. ugh….. just going to buy new ones

  13. Note to self: Be sure to ask my dad if he could get me one of those darning eggs for my birthday.

  14. This is one of the best instructional videos I've ever watched. Camera work, editing, and narration..all around as good as it gets. Very helpful, thank you.

  15. Thanks for the tutorial. I have those same socks that I'm repairing 🤣

  16. I love my nordic socks. Can't bring myself to throw them out because of a hole. Gonna learn and apply a new skill.


  17. This is very punk rock thank you

  18. Good socks, especially woolen, are practical but expensive. This is an excellent way to get many years of use out of them. I like the way this video shows the right way to darn them (the way my grandmother did!) so they look and feel fantastic.

  19. Truly a thing of beauty. I remember watching my great aunt darn socks and even as a kid appreciated what is truly an art form. Thank you and well done.

  20. My very large teething kitten just chewed a hole through my brand new $30 winter socks!
    Forgot how to darn. Saw your video. EXCELLENT tutorial!
    Well done. Nice, and to the point.
    Thank you for taking the time to make this.

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