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How to Install HardieBacker Cement Board on Floors

Learn how to install HardieBacker Cement Board on wooden floors and the appropriate materials and tools that you’ll need for the job.

HardieBacker Cement Board’s unique cement formulation and structure provide the ideal combination of strength, uniform composition and performance that no other backer board can provide.

Learn more: https://www.jameshardie.com/products/hardiebacker-cement-board


  1. Is the James Hardie HardieBacker 0.25 in. x 3 ft. x 5 ft. Cement Backerboard a Cement Board? I need .25 but the name is different. Thank You

  2. What steps require waiting in-between? I see that you apply thinset, lay the board, screw it down while thinset is still wet–all in one go, basically. Do you fill gaps and tape right away after that, while everything is still fresh, or do you let the under-board thinset dry/cure first? And if so, how long? Is there any advantage or disadvantage waiting–or not waiting–to fill gaps and do the taping before or after the under-board thinset has dried/cured? Does wet thinset bond differently to already-set thinset vs. fresh when mortaring the gaps/taping? How long to wait on everything before tiling? I was unpleasantly surprised to find no mention of these kinds of timings in the installation instructions. 🙁

  3. Can this be applied to entire second level (flooring)? Is this safe to install on entire flooring on 2nd level without any structural weight or any other issues/problems?

  4. 1. For tiles, floors don't need to be level, but they must be flat. Self leveling products can help eliminate undulations.
    2. i always add liquid polymer to thinset for strength and flexibilty.
    3. plan cuts: for instance, start full patterns at entry to room or in bathrooms start opposite the toilet (full pattern is viewed from sitting on toilet and cuts are behind toilet.

  5. No need to seal the OSB before applying thinset?

  6. Exactly which mortar do I use for hardie to wood sub-floor?..I want to use Mapei brand, but they offer 200 web pages of info instead of easy answers.

  7. "On center"..does that mean the screws got to go thru the joists?

  8. What adhesive do i need under the boards? Video is not very clear on that. Have searched the whole Internet for an answer.

  9. I fail to see the logic of keeping a 1/8 inch gap only to fill it and then tape over it.

  10. I have a stamped concrete floor do I use thinset or mastic to stick hardie backer down and can I use vinyl plank flooring on hardie backer ?

  11. Haha talk about empowering tutorials! My plywood empty bathroom will be more! 😎

  12. I’ve looked at a lot of videos to prepare for a project and this is the only one that describes the 1/8th rule, can you explain the importance and function?

  13. Should you self level the wooden floor before laying the hardiebacker?

  14. What about leveling a floor? Does it always need to be done, or only if it's uneven to a certain extent? And what are you supposed to use to level it if you do have to¿

    Another question: do you need to remove Staples before laying the board if they are flush with the subfloor?

  15. Dude is not wearing knee pads wtf

  16. Can HardieBacker be used as roof sheathing? I plan on using epoxy and aggregate on my roof. Have you ever had HardieBacker used for a roof?

  17. Can I liquid nail the hardie to the subfloor instead of using mortar?

  18. Question…Is it required to add both mortar and screws to the sub-floor? I've been told you can use screws (every 8 inches) and not use mortar. This is going in my upstairs bathroom. Can you comment?

  19. Do I have to put mortar between the plywood floor and the cement board? I have the plywood down on the plank subfloor.

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