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How to install rivnut, rivet nuts or nutserts, with no expensive tools

I give you a great cheap solution to install rivet nuts or threaded nuts without the use of expensive tools, also a great solution if you need to instal a nutsert in a tight space that your tools won’t fit in.

Easily repair a spinning or damaged rivnut without the need to buy specialist tools.

This is a great DIY cheat.

Please excuse the sniffling, I was full of hay fever shooting this film

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Shot using Huewai P30 Pro
Edited using FCPX


  1. *Update* Silicon spray or WD40 makes it easier, but Copper Slip grease is even better!

  2. Thanks for the great job very simple and easy appreciations and thanks once again for saving me time 🙏👍🇩🇰

  3. It should work with a rachet wrench

  4. Awesome, just saved me buying a tool.

  5. That is kinda cool but I doubt if you can do a flush mount nutsert! This is why I recommend the right tool that will do both jobs. I do.

  6. As you say, a good smear of copper slip makes turning the nut much easier, the other essential is to use a high tensile bolt, as you have done here a hex socket bolt is usually high tensile,(providing it is not a chinese one), these rivenuts are very useful in fixing parts after assembly. Many thanks for posting this! Chris B.

  7. make punch marks for grip around hole in plate on rivnut side … been using this for many years

  8. Really great video. Thanks for being so patient and thorough.

  9. I made the same tool but use a star washer between the top of the rivnut and the bottom of the tool. This holds the rivnut from spinning while you tighten the bolt. Much easier to hold onto when drawing the nut up.

  10. Useless method what if you can only access one side of the target area?

  11. Can you attach rivnuts to plastic car bumpers? Is it the same tool or should you use this methods so less stress is applied?

  12. I'm not sure what I'm missing here. Why wouldn't a washer work instead of the homemade tool? If it turns… so what?

  13. TXH from Sweden. Useful video.

  14. Just did this, it worked great.

  15. Do you need that little metal bracket to tighten it?

  16. This is pretty much how I do it. Make sure you use Alloy Steel Socket Head Cap Screws that meet ASTM A574 otherwise the threads are going to strip right out or the screw elongate then snap off. I also have a flat washer between the nut and head of the rivet nut and anti-seize compound on the threads and all faying surfaces.

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