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How to install PEX pipe and fittings

This video explains how to install Apollo PEX-B fittings and tubing. @apolloretailonline


  1. I have a issue with removing the cover clamps off of the hot water heater is there a tool for that

  2. can you show how each fastner is the same but just looks different? wonder why pinch clamps are banned in many countries/jurisdictions? your sharbite removal tool is a scam. your manifold having plastic connection are prone to leak like all plastic threaded materials. the use of tape to prevent leaks is no even a thing, thats bad threads or bad joint, if your solving that by tape your just bandaiding the problem. thats also why you dont have plastic to plastic or plastic to metal thread connections.

  3. If you buy the $90 tool you can re-use the $12 fitting.

  4. My nightmare plumbing problem has been resolved.thankyou so much ❤

  5. Whats the tool called to clamp it

  6. Pex is not high density polyethylene. It’s cross linked.

  7. I will use copper pipe thank you.

  8. Bend fitting on type b!? Type b doesn't have the flex needed like type a..

  9. For inside pipe fittings, you must increase one pipe size diameter that you would of used for copper pipes.

  10. Do you go one size larger to make up for loss pressure due to fittings being inside of pex?

  11. Thank you that was a big help in figuring out all the different connectors!!

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