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EARN $1400/Day FROM Google News (FREE) Make Money Online 2023

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EARN $1400/Day FROM Google News (FREE) Make Money Online 2023

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  1. They are not accepting any more articles

  2. Hi brother I don't know english if you speak in english tell me any app like convent in telugu

  3. You said health news for Eating Well, and technology news for Sierra Club. But which category of news should I submit to Daily Jstor?

  4. Just found this video from another YouTuber who tried this method. The website contacts to submit the copy and pasted article to didn't exist at all.

    Just how many have actually made money off this schtick?

  5. I'm gonna try. Is possible to use an Android phone?

  6. spinbot is not free, you have to pay.

  7. lol good one Mr Reis…. i see all your affiliate links and…. "this website site here" but you don't disclose the website… etc…

  8. Please post a comment if you impletmetned this stragetegy and made money.

  9. Hi Mr reis when you post something don't you Have to put your affiliate number at the back of your link?or is this not a problem?

  10. This is just click bate and proposes dishonesty that could get people into a lot of trouble if found out they were just spinning the article and it was not genuine. Don't get caught up in the hype.

  11. and how much did you make????? how much money did u make with this?

  12. I tried it before but nothing happened and they didn't pay me any cent!

  13. hey boss i would like to join your group but i dont have credit card so wat should i do …….. i love your content thanks bro

  14. Please I love you to show more on this. Please I need to pay my children school fees

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