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How To Install Roofing Ridge Cap (The Right Way!!)

In today’s video I give detailed instructions on how to install ridge capping on a roof.

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  1. Great tips from an experienced roofer.

  2. Awesome video! I especially like the roof capping direction based on prevailing winds. Brilliant!

  3. I loved your videos! Just built myself a gable shed and your videos for the drip edge, starter shingles, shingles and ridge cap were my go to and easily the best and most informative videos I found! Thank you so much!

  4. Excellent content, well done and much needed fyi for my project

  5. Great video! Clear and explained well. Good work.

  6. Excellent, now how do I split that ridge into two more slopes as my house is two rectangles not one? Thanks 🙏

  7. Fuckin’ Eh bud. Thanks.

  8. This video was very helpful thanks 🙏 w

  9. Thank you for your knowledge

  10. Helo Dylan, what state are you located in? Is there an email that I may write to you? Thank you for the very good information and video.

  11. Thanks, young man Good job I like what you say “You don't have to be the best but average “ I like that. I say let others be the superman. I will be honest and good at my job.

  12. You mention driving the nails in the final cap will leak if driven too hard yet you're barely covering the nails with each subsequent cap as you progress. There should be more overlap.

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