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How To Repair Broken Fishing Rod

How To Fix Broken Fishing Rod Tip


  1. это не ремонт а херня какая-то

  2. Dude thank you so much this saved my g Loomis EX 6. My all time favorite rod. This is fucking genius and worked like a champ. I was ready to throw it in the trash because I couldn't claim it on my lifetime warranty cuz I slammed it in a door. Thanks again man a repair I will keep in my archived forever! Can't believe how many poles I have thrown out in the past that I could have saved easily. 🙏

  3. Nice video, thanks for guide me. I buy half year ago new rod and its crack on my first fishing session day after i buy it. I become frustrated because, the store where to i buy it, dont give a fuck about what i say, it is factory defect rod, not my fault. Today i repair it after checking this video. I try to uplift my ironpan 1,1kg and i still have intact rod:D Hooray! Winter is coming, someone say it but i dont even know who, but i have rod in next summer. Thanks again dude.

  4. Makes me wish i didnt slung my rod when it snapped.

  5. What's up with the corny music?

  6. Not the best repair I've seen, but an acceptable one.

  7. Кмітливо!!! Дякую за лайфхак!

  8. Не хватает синей изоленты…

  9. Complete bodge , I've seen some dodgy rod repairs over the years,but this takes the biscuit.

  10. Only downside is it loses the flex right where it broke.

  11. Too stiff..use a comparable hook shank. Fixes it but still has the flex he rod needs to fight the fish

  12. Глупость. Возьмі по тоньше переходник от удочкі воткні в обидва кінця, можно і без клея обойтись.

  13. I'm sorry but I'd never use a nail for a rod tip mend. Simply it is just two points to fracture further down the line. I would use a longer than two inch section of a flexible material similar to the rod beng mended, there is obviously no flex in a 2 inch nail

  14. Колхозный ремонт, обязательно сломается рядом(там,где оканчивается гвоздь).

  15. Hi just wondering what kind of liquid glue did you put?

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