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How to Repair Cracked and Worn Grout (Shower)

Check out how easy it is to repair cracked or worn grout in your shower, tub, or any other tiled area. My house is only 2 years old, and I already have some cracks appearing in some areas of the grout in my master shower. In this video I take you step by step through the entire shower grout repair process.

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  1. Thank You Sir!♡
    Clear instructions and demonstration, with an easy on the ear speaking voice.
    off to elbow grease grout now!

  2. Within the first minute, this video wasn’t suitable for my needs. However this will now be my go to video next time I need to grout the bathroom.
    Thank you.

  3. I have been told that using your finger instead of a specific tool is much better for getting the grout deep into the cracks. Thoughts?

  4. Enjoyed very much !!!! What about using a sealant?

  5. Hi, thank you so much, great video. A quick question, do you suggest use "grout sealer" on the old grout to prevent mold?

  6. I love that this is clear and to the point without a lot of off the cuff chit chat in between that takes unnecessary time. This helps me so much!

  7. Thanks a lot for your video! I was looking for a detailed explanation like yours and can truly say I learned a lot from it.

  8. Helpful video. Question: Can one use non-cement grout after removing the old cement grout and vice versa? Curious. Thanks!

  9. I just had a shower pan failure which was removed and redone with cement and tiled. That was about 6 months ago and there are cracks in the grout. It was mixed with water so likely too thin… my question is, can i use sanded grout to touch up all those areas or can i add premixed grout to that new.y done section including those containing the fine cracks? Trying to avoid removal of all grout if not critical and worth these other routes. Thanks!😊

  10. How about grout sealant, is it necessary to apply to help out the new grout?

  11. I didn’t see that you sealed the grout. Is it necessary?

  12. Thank you. That was clear and helpful.

  13. Video was very well done. Kudos!

  14. Great video, thank you

  15. Thank you great info easy to understand as I am female and good Info is a must. Can you advise me on the title shower floor meeting tile shower walls question being should it be called around floor or grout? Thank you for your reply and your great advise, Kittie from Chattanooga Tennessee❤

  16. Wow.. I need to do my shower and I was like Wow and a guy told me 800 bucks to do this…I’m like I’ve gotta learn and make this a DIY over the weekend as I do most times ..look at YouTube…Go to HD and take my time..thx

  17. that was very explained thank you would you seal it

  18. I'm a new home owner. Some of the grout is chiping off when i clean it. What is the proper way to clean the group without it chipping off? also how do i keep it from changing colors? it was white before. Now its an off white. Is there some sort of sealer i can use? I'm completing green to this sort of thing. Any advice you could give me would be much appreciated. Thanks for this video. I will be replacing some grout and this video was very helpful. How long am i supposed to let the grout cure before i use the shower? What is the difference between cement grout and non cement grount? i'm not sure which one mine is.

  19. My grout is hard to get it off 😞

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