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How to Repair Any USB Cable 100% Fix ✅, Repair Broken Mobile Charger USB Cable in Just 10 RS.

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how to fix broken mobile charger cable
how to repair USB cable 100% fix
How To Repair Type C Cable 100% Fix



  1. Heat sink tube ko cut kar lete USB bekaar kar di cut kar ke

  2. Sir mere laptop ki charger ki cable bich m se thodi si jal gyi h m ky kru

  3. Hi tu ti green table mat kuthun ghetli

  4. is se to current flow me kami ho jaye gi. Resistance bana li ap ne cut laga k. phr b ap ne mehnat ki to. Nice.

  5. 👍👍👍👍👍👍

  6. Meri kahisi cati nahi bhir bhi kam nahi kar rahi.
    ₹200 ki nai liya.

  7. New cable always use not repair

  8. First views and first'like bro

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