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How-to Install LARSON EasyHang Storm Door

Our EasyHang® Installation System has become the industry standard. It is a huge time saver, cutting an average storm door installation down to two hours and requires no cutting.

LARSON doors are so easy to install, we have patented our EasyHang® installation method. Simply choose a right or left hinge mount, then follow the easy-to-understand instructions.

What makes the EasyHang® System so easy?
• An exact fit with mounting rail extenders
• Pre-drilled hinge locator holes
• Easy mounting with no cutting or hacksaw needed

Easy Jamb Hole Locator System Provides:
• Exact alignment of the hinge rail
• Correct placement on the home

This video demonstrates the EasyHang® installation on the LARSON Model 146 storm door. Many LARSON storm doors utilize the EasyHang® installation system; however, certain steps may differ from this video. Please consult your installation instructions for varying installation steps.

00:00 Intro
00:33 Tools Needed
00:45 Determine Hinging

01:13 Step 2: Set Placeholder Screw for Hinge Rail
01:29 Step 3: Storm Door Expander
02:02 Step 4: Attach Hinge Rail to Storm Door
02:34 Step 5: Attach Storm Door to Door Frame
04:02 Step 6: Install the Drip Cap
04:29 Step 7: Install Latch Rail
05:24 Step 8: Install Handle and Strike Plate
07:21 Step 9: Adjust Expander
07:45 Step 10: Finishing Touches
08:16 Step 11: Install Closer

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