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How to Repair Nail Pops !

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Having a System to Repair Nail Pops is a must for every DIYer. Here is a fast and Perfect Fix Anyone Can Do!

This is one of those problems that everyone who has ever painted before will be all too familiar with. Repairing the nail pop and knowing how to patch it easily and quickly makes finding one less stressful and allows you to finish the project Perfect Every Time. Cheers!

Here is the link for the secret to making great repair mud.

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  2. Do I have popped nails? Nope. Am I the person who does the repair stuff in the house? No (but I'd love to help…) Did I enjoy the heck outta this video? HECK YEAH I DID! Hotel? Trivago.

  3. Nice job, thanks for the knowledge.

  4. This answers almost all my questions… I am finding these everywhere on the front wall of the house I just bought, in the room over the garage etc… Any idea why this would be happening with metal studs? Is it just the warm/cold temperature flux moving the studs? They are supposedly "always straight"

  5. Jeff: I feel like showin off today.
    Us: oh yeah?
    Jeff uses hand to move the roller

  6. Haven’t been running your lips lately don’t see a black eye ..lol

  7. I have so many it’s not even worth it lol

  8. If you can pull out the nail without damage, just replace it with a screw and patch. Problem solved.

  9. 6:50 [Mistakes] aren't an enemy, they're an opportunity to be closer to perfect.
    Love it.

  10. How do you fix nail pops and drywall seams in the ceiling?

  11. They used nails with my drywall. And they are all popping!

  12. Last time I fixed my nail pops I could see where after I painted over my 45 the mud was darker and looked horrible.

  13. Every nail pop I've experienced is in the ceiling…I'll have to search your vids on how to match pre-existing ceiling patterns….thanks for the tios!

  14. Hello Sir, we really like your videos. Always helpful and always a "go to" for information and solutions. Here is a question dealing with drywall repair. Or maybe you have a video out there we have missed. Airvent at ceiling. We scrapped the stippled ceiling (rose/sunflower pattern) throughout the house, re-muded etc. and the Airvents for AC/Heating are literally held up by the mud. Screws for the Vents go through into "emptiness" with no hold. The vents are hold up by wishful thinking. How can we address this?

  15. Thanks for the video that was awesome. What do you do with pesky cracking from home settling?

  16. What about if you have a dimple in the dry wall from a nail? Do you cut it out and put screws back in ? Also while I have you ,what if you cut the drywall close to a vent etc? Do you just feather the mud around it?

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