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How to Repair Laminate Counters | This Old House

Quick tips for repairing damaged laminate counters with This Old House general contractor Tom Silva. (See below for a shopping list and tools.)
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Shopping List for How to Repair Laminate Counters:
– contact cement and narrow paintbrush, used to re-adhere loose countertop edges
– drop-in cutting board, for covering hole cut in countertop

Tools for How to Repair Laminate Counters:
– clothes iron, used to heat plastic-laminate edging
– jigsaw or router, used to cut out damaged section of countertop
– screwdriver, for tightening the mounting screws on the cutting board’s base
– putty knife, used to scrape debris from loose laminate edge
– utility knife and layout square, used to cut laminate edge
– tape measure

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How to Repair Laminate Counters | This Old House


  1. My one year-old counter top is warping (up) at seam. Need a fix for this problem

  2. My apartment is missing a whole side, and the sides by the fridge and stove doesn't have any extra. Also, there's a big bubble in one spot that drives me crazy.

  3. quit moving the iron kevin you moron

  4. A word of warning, if the iron is too hot, it can burn the laminate and cause it to bubble. I learned the hard way.

  5. were can i get drop in cutting board

  6. Thanks. Perfect. Saved me time.

  7. Nice video. Could you please share the link for the stainless steel tray and the cutting board.

  8. Thank you for the video, it really healps. Do you know how to remove bulge on laminated wooden kitchen counter top? I placed heat item on countertop. Then the place is swallow. Can you please help me to fix the bulge/swallow on countertop. There is no air gap on the place. Thank you for helping

  9. can anyone find this cutting board in the video?????

  10. I have a question Please? Why do sinks have rings around the sink drain that holds water so it can rust? Is there ANYTHING I can do with that ring?

  11. Thought that cutting board was a joke

  12. should have cut the side piece through the strip where it overlapped ..the pieces would have matched better

  13. Yup worked for me too. My whole strip was loose and this worked. I didn't have an iron I used a heat gun. Same result.

  14. Great video, but where do I get that drop in cutting board tray. Can't find it using a number of different terms. This item isn't called out on your list below.

  15. Am I missing something? What happens if you have multiple burns on top? I mean, you can't exactly turn your entire countertop into a cutting board, right?

  16. How avout a corner seam that is uneven? Put a bracket underneath? Then repair the seam?

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