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How to Fix a Drywall Crack in Ceiling or Wall FOR EVER!!! Tutorial

Check out my video on patching any size drywall holes https://youtu.be/AYoYomQ8hEs
In this video I show you How to Repair a drywall crack in a ceiling or wall so that it never comes back. Drywall cracks can be caused by many issues and repairing it the right way is critical. I take you step by step with this repair and explain the entire process to help you get rid of any drywall cracks you may have in your home.

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  1. Make sure you put that on as thin as possible like he said its like concrete when sanding

  2. How long before each application of mud should you wait?

  3. I alway try and make my trowel marks perfect …. Just fixing the problem but creating another mark ………..
    Have to learn to I make it decent …. And then knock high spots off when dry.😮

  4. that was great ! My place here in prague, CZ has rendered internal walls. Then the developer painted them without bonding the walls, so the walls are chalky. And there are cracks all through it. As it's not plaster smooth, I'm wondering how to fix the many cracks on the walls and the wall/ ceiling joins. I guess just use this method, but prime the repair area beforehand

  5. Can you also do this on plywood walls?

  6. He wasn't kidding about how important it is to smooth out Durabond; that stuff is NOT fun to sand.

    If you're not confident in your knife/trowel skills, or your ability to feather the mud with a sponge, I'd recommend using a regular setting type mud instead for the prefill and tape. Though not as tough as Durabond, it's still much stronger than regular air-drying (premixed mud) and is actually possible to sand.

    You can even get "easy sand" varieties of setting mud, though they aren't quite as strong.

  7. USG makes the Dust Control. Not Sheetrock.

  8. Hi, I have a random question, I have a big crack in my hallway roof (I think it’s all Sheetrock I’m not really sure) a big crack right below it on the tiles on the floor, and a few small ones around, do you think we would have to move out while they try to fix it? My house is on a hill and we think it’s shifting very badly, and we have no idea what to do as we’re renting & have too much stuff to just up and move super fast. If possible can you give us your thoughts on the matter? We just have no idea what to do.

  9. you have no clue what you are doing… you always mud with the seam, because you need to fill the low areas… if you shine a light on that or wait til it gets a little darker in that room it will look like stevie wonder did it…u suck

  10. This will really help me because my mother-in-law's ceiling fell in because of one of these little cracks turned into a good 4ft x 8ft hole in the ceiling. And there are many more like it not that far off.

  11. 24hr dry time between every coat?

  12. Who has a ceiling without texture? Rich people?

  13. Nicely done,great video!I will always wear a pair of protectionglases when sanding,that dust can cause serious eye problems

  14. My contractor connected new drywall to sheetrock and now there is a crack where they connect. Is there a way to fix that. Everyone keeps telling me that it will not. Is this true?

  15. What kind of doors you got there? I just bought a house with Grandmas door 🚪

  16. Similar issue I'm dealing with currently, BUT in my case the crack is on the other side of the joint.( no stud to screw into) how would I go about repair that?

  17. I am so impressed by your presentation,and the end results,immaculate 👌👌👌💯

  18. He’s crazy typical American DA

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