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How to Install Composite Decking | This Old House

Norm Abram and Liz install composite decking. The wood toned planks are evenly spaced and attached using clips and screws. They work their way all the way to the last plank to finish it.

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Composite Decking | This Old House


  1. Pretty incomplete for an instructional video

  2. Real deck men never cut a board up against the house; you adjust the width to add a full piece against the house and a full width at the end

  3. Wouldn't it make more sense to start against the house and work your way out so you can use the clips and also end up with only whole boards so you don't have any small cuts? (Assuming you measured so the amount of boards come out even)

  4. Same composite materials are being sprayed in our skies. Odd

  5. Your supposed to predrill those

  6. I had a treated wood deck and and must replace with Trex since dry rot invaded a section of it. This video shows no water-barrier tape of the tops of wood joist. That's okay, but not what I'm doing (this time).

  7. Can you share the name if the product and tools used please?

  8. Where did you buy those composite boards? Is this a DIY?

  9. There would be done a better way that didn't require the screws and the end process was ugly driving screws this guy didn't give enough to think he's another idjit in my book cause now they allowed water to get in between and the support beam to the house and to the joists! This is a fail! Good try though let's clap for idjits

  10. the purple sweatshirt lady is super cute!

  11. What’s the point of polymeric lumber if your sub structure is wood? Won’t the deck not last any longer?

  12. What the name of the screwdriver with air compresor?
    What the brand?

  13. Clips?!? Hold my beer while I screw dat sukka down.

  14. Doesn't show how the first strip "STARTER/RADIUS" Is installed or about the "Starter" clips. Video too vague . . . Worthless.

  15. I came here to find out / learn how to measure the structure to avoid having partial boards ( 1/2 board) on the deck.

  16. Are you saying that you need 12 in joist spacing vs the usual 16 or this will not offer good support ?

  17. This video is about as uninformative as you can get.

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