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How to install baseboard for beginners

Baseboard seems more intimidating than it is. I’ll go over a bunch of detail about the boards, types, sizes, as well as where and how to start. Then install it and finish it out for a great result. Tons of info, so let’s get started.

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– Tools/Materials Used (affiliate)
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  1. Great video, simple but at the same time all necessary details. Thank you.

  2. Can I use 1/2 inch on concrete walls let me know thanks

  3. Good job Jesse – very helpful video. Thanks for pulling it together.

  4. Why don't you recommend butting together at corners? It seems so much easier

  5. I'm no expert but how are u gonna replace the carpet without removing the baseboard?

  6. I'm no expert but how are u gonna replace the carpet without removing the baseboard?

  7. Very helpful video, thanks! Also, go find your dog and give him/her a treat because the little blooper at the end is what made me subscribe! 😀

  8. What model nail gun are you using here?

  9. MDF = GSD (Glorified sawdust). I personally have no appreciation for it.

  10. Excellent Vid, thanks you very much, I am pro now

  11. Good video dude…..Rad I learned some shit TY

  12. This was an absolutely awesome video. So so so good and I’m glad I was able to benefit from it.

  13. I was thinking they always glued base boards to all the walls

  14. Thank you, thank you, thank you

  15. By far one of the best videos for a beginner like me

  16. If you have long piece and you vut 44 degrees,and pre glued them,the long piece will distance from the wall at the end of the piece, it's better to stick them together on the wall and fill the joint gap eith caulking if that's what you moving with

  17. This answered 3 of my questions quickly

  18. My wife has been nagging me about my baseboards forever and she’s right it’s just so boring

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