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Best ONLINE EARNING Ways for Students | How to Earn Part Time in Nepal? Freelancing

Best ONLINE EARNING Ways for Students

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  1. Sathiharu 500 Nepali rupaiya kamauna man cha vane 15 min lagcha. Interested ho vane comment garnus yei comment ma Scam chai haina la

  2. Malai aaaux all those works padhne kura sikne kura bhanda pani kasari tyo site baat earn garne tyo tutorial dinus

  3. Dont buy courses unless you have unnecessary money. Youtube is enough to learn these skills if you follow right channels.

  4. only for collage students not for school students😔😔😔😔😔😔

  5. Sir freelyncing Bata paisa kasari withdraw garna

  6. Bro yo site haru sabai lai thaxa. Project kasari pauney tyo chai vannu. Yo freelancing site haru ra ya huney project haru sabai lai thaxa. Eutai kura repeat garera vanirakhnu pardena.

  7. Sir esto informative video banaunu skill kasto chainxa ani kasari use garne
    Websites haru vanne matrai ho use garera dekhaunu

  8. तर यहाँ बाट withdrawl गर्न नै गारो हुने रहेछ कसरि withdrawl गर्न सकिन्छ त्यो पनि भनिदिनु पर्ने भयो हजुर

  9. तर यहाँ बाट withdrawl गर्न नै गारो हुने रहेछ कसरि withdrawl गर्न सकिन्छ त्यो पनि भनिदिनु पर्ने भयो हजुर

  10. Freelancer is a scam nowadays.people will try to scam new users

  11. Tyo freelancing website ko name chai k ho

  12. Can it works from mobile please reply sir please

  13. Project bit garda offer ne ayena , offer ayene scam haru aauxa .

  14. Ok I will follow your tips sir ❤😊

  15. Best way to earn money is teaching how to earn money in YouTube 😂😂

  16. The best way to earn money online is to tell others how to earn money online ..🤣

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