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How to repair LED tube light | Easy method

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Don’t throw your old faulty LED. It can easily be repaired. Correct method will prolong the life of your faulty LED tube.
Don’t directly bypass any LED, instead use appropriate diodes for required voltage drop.

This video is for information purposes only. Users are advised to consult a qualified technician for electrical repairs.


  1. Super. Sir. Thanks. In4007rectifier. Damage. Led. Rectifier fill. Inthe. Spce. Fine sir

  2. LED tubelight
    Blinking fix kare ka video bhanao bhai

  3. #ShishuTechno If circuit is damage then which kind of circuit to be fix. Because there in market same circuit is not available. Pls suggest

  4. Very very good idea for money saving for the people. Thank you so much for sharing your brains with us 🙏👍😂😂

  5. Led stip kitne volt ki hoti hai

  6. सर जी मेरी ट्यूब लाइट 20 वॉट की एक साइड से लगभग 1 फुट काली हो गई है बाकी का हिस्सा जल रहा है इसके लिए मुझे क्या करना चाहिए

  7. Tube light ki ye lambhi led kitne voltage ki hoti h

  8. Or can you just cut the faulty?

  9. Bulb aur tube ke LED aur bulb ke instruments kahan milenge address chahiye.

  10. Sir esma 1 led kitne watt ki h

  11. Very useful information sir 👍

  12. Very nice explanation thanks 👍 I'm a new subscriber ❤

  13. Voltage drop bhi huwa tabhi bhi led chalegi sab…..load sabpe nhi aana chahiye

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