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How to install the Google Nest Learning Thermostat

The Nest Learning Thermostat (3rd gen) is simple to set up and install. We’ll walk you through the entire process of installing your thermostat in the right spot and you’ll find detailed instructions in the Nest app.

If you haven’t already checked that your system will work with the Nest thermostat, use Nest’s Compatibility Checker: https://nest.com/works

If you want a wiring diagram, go to: https://nest.com/support/#works/?mode=guide

You’ll learn how to install the 3rd gen Nest Learning Thermostat yourself, including how to:
– Remove your old thermostat
– Take a photo of your old setup and label the wires
– Install the Nest base
– Connect the wires to the Nest thermostat
– Attach the Nest thermostat display
– Connect the Nest thermostat to the Nest app. If you’re having trouble connecting to the app, go to https://nest.com/pair/ for more details.

We’ll also give you a preview of how to setup your thermostat: you’ll pick a language, connect it to Wi-Fi, tell it a few basics about your home, and tell it about your heating and cooling system so it can help you save energy.

After setup, get the basics on how to use your thermostat, how it learns, and how to save energy at http://nest.com/thermostatbasics

If you prefer not to DIY install, find a Nest Pro: https://nest.com/profinder

To learn more, visit https://nest.com/support


  1. Mine wouldnโ€™t work, I had to install the old one back

  2. Yep mine wonโ€™t charge

  3. Will nest thermostat stop working if my internet stops working?

  4. Why do I need a green sticker to tell me that a green color wire is green?

  5. These are junk. They lie to you. They are programmed to lie about how warm it is, exaggerating the temperature up by 2-3 degrees F. Then it doesn't come on when it's below the trigger temperature unless you walk in front of it and it sees you, then it's like "look busy someone's watching!" And turns on. This thing will give you hypothermia.

  6. So what data is collected? Oh I see "If you use any Nest device with a Google service like the Google Assistant, we may use your activity data to influence the ads you receive" MF we don't give to rats ass about ads.

  7. Nest is absolutely a horrible thermostat . Nothing but software problems with gen 3. No fix in site, customer service inexperienced at best.

  8. Do not buy nest gen 3 learning thermostat. It is a piece of shit. They will not fix it and customer service is absolutely horrendous.

  9. These thermostats are the worst, but tenants love them. They require more care and feeding than the HVAC systems

  10. Terminal "C" required or not for charging the battery?

  11. Did anyone notice that at 5:01 the Nest App only had a 1.5 star rating on the App store?

  12. How on earth do you guys mess up your own installation video? I followed these instructions exactly, and use the exact same four wires in the video, but the system doesn't work because it's complaining about not having C wire power.

  13. Bought this for $40. Nice

  14. You donโ€™t need a C wire to power this thermostat?

  15. My Ac has 27 volts instead of 24 volts can I install the google nest thermostat.

  16. You'll then tell Nest your social security, bank account, and safe deposit box numbers….

  17. ๊ฐœ๋˜ฅ ์„ ์ „์ง€๋„ ์„ฑ์งˆ๋งŒ ๋ฒ„๋ ค

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