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How to Install Baseboards – Step-by-Step for Beginners

Learn how to install baseboards in this step-by-step tutorial. I demonstrate how to measure, cut, install, caulk, and paint your baseboards.

–Contents of this video —————————-
00:00 – Intro
00:34 – Measuring the walls
02:17 – Purchasing your baseboard
02:50 – How to paint baseboards
03:37 – Cutting the baseboards to size
05:15 – Dry-fitting the baseboards
07:05 – Installing baseboard on uneven floors
08:04 – Nailing the baseboards to the wall
09:51 – How to seam baseboards
10:22 – How to caulk baseboards
11:34 – Filling the nail holes
11:52 – How to paint baseboards

—Tools needed for the job ———————-
Miter Saw
18 Gauge Brad Nailer
Tape Measure
For a complete list of tools and materials, visit https://www.handymanstartup.com/how-to-install-baseboards/.

Installing new baseboards in your home is not hard, but it does require some attention to detail and basic knowledge of tools like a miter saw and a brad nailer.

First, you start off by measuring your baseboards. Then, you calculate how much baseboard you need. If you are a beginner, buy 5-10% more than you actually need so you can make mistakes.

Once you purchase your baseboards, the first step is to paint them. Let the paint dry, and you are ready to cut them with a miter saw and install them with a brad nailer by nailing them to the wall.

Then, caulk, paint, and enjoy your new baseboards.

In this video, I use MDF baseboards, but you can also buy wood baseboards. MDF is easier to work with. It’s easier to cut, and it’s more consistent (no warping). It also makes it easier to install over uneven floors.

It will usually cost about $40-$50 per room to install baseboards in materials, but that does not include labor.

It usually takes about 3 days to install your new baseboards, but much of that time is spent waiting for the paint to dry.

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  1. This is by far the next video I've seen. I am struggling with coping baseboards and your method to join the right angles makes life so much easier. Thank you!

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  4. White wood filler is available to fill nail holes if you don't plan to paint the boards.

  5. min7 special thanks for the tip! really helped me, i broke my head thinking how to fix that gap 🙂

  6. 4:17 support both ends of the molding so it doesn't tip of like this when the cut ends.

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  8. dont use mdf for anything, ever

  9. Old houses does always have a bottom plate that is high enough to hit each time because the subflloor and flooring is higher, so finding each stud is necessary sometimes.

  10. I agree with everyone that you answered all the questions. I was wondering about a brad nail gun and the type and size of nails but you answered that Thank you. I did have a question about if I use a pneumatic brad nail gun how much air pressure do you need for pvc vs mdf baseboard. Then I could figure a new air compressor

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  15. I was interested to watch your video and see that everything you recommended I also do and have been doing for years!
    I recommend having a piece of cardboard that can be cut or torn to use as shim material behind the baseboard. It can be folded to double or triple thickness or more as needed and is freely available and easy to use. But your take on nail or Brad holes is unprofessional and not right for a quality outcome. Shrink free spackling compound…I like the light weight one. With a good spackling blade and proper application you don't even have to sand so the time can be saved there. Or a quick once over with a sanding sponge and you are ready for paint! And you have a quality end result!

  16. What if you are or king with a furring strip wall? Our furring strips are one inch think with drywall over them. I have a room with all cement walls with furring stripe and no studs.

  17. God bless you and thank you for keeping it real

  18. Regarding the final step, you can place painters tape on the baseboard staple, then fill and then immediately pull up the tape and it looks seamless. Learned that on TikTok.

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