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9 Passive Income Ideas-How I make $7500/Week

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00:00 Debunking myths about making money
01:00 What’s passive income?
01:37 Passive Income 1
02:35 Passive Income 2
03:24 Passive Income 3
05:08 Passive Income 4
06:45 Passive Income 5
08:10 Passive Income 6 & 7
09:42 Passive Income 8
11:28 Passive Income 9

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  1. 💻The first 1,000 people to use the link will get a 1 month free trial of Skillshare: https://skl.sh/ruriohama07231

    🌍 My FREE Language Learning Class is now available on Skillshare: https://skl.sh/3q6GzeJ

    🚨If you're serious about YouTube, check out my coaching. To apply for a 1-hour free consultation, fill out this form: https://uat17stzllq.typeform.com/to/pukEWHao

    📩Weekly email newsletter (free) –https://ruriohamanewsletter.beehiiv.com/subscribe

  2. You are such a smart young lady, it's amazing. Your subscriber from Austria, with respect and love🌹

  3. I'm wondering if folks who went through the '08 financial crisis had a tougher time than I am having today, my plan was to work, save at least $2m and retire at 55, but high price for everything is now an obstacle *Sigh, I look towards the stock market to fuel my goal at this point.

  4. Thanks bud for keepin us financially Educated! Regardless of how bad it gets on the economy, I still make over $22,000 every single week.

  5. Great video, I hope to see more of this on your channel. For me the best one was doing dropshipping. I wonder if you could maybe sometimes give us your opinion on products from winnerzila? Or even give us like a guide and complete review of their service? I think their tool is awesome because I have now been subbed on their lifetime for six months, and my income is rising every single month (last month I had 9000$ profit, which is awesome for me).

  6. In conclusion, stocks can be a valuable source of passive income, especially when combined with a diversified portfolio and a long-term investment strategy. However, whether they are the best option for you depends on your financial goals, risk tolerance, and the specific circumstances of your financial situation

  7. These past months has been tough globally, A flailing U.S. economy, elevated global tensions, prolonged inflation and recession , massive layoffs, it’s been a difficult financial year for a lot of people. The only way to really beat this declining system is to invest, any money saved or kept in a low interest account losses it’s value each year. Investing is the only way to ever attain financial security and get out of the rat race. I started investing in stocks and Defi April this Year. With a start of $45k, my portfolio currently sits at a comfortable $380k. There are are lots of opportunities in the market to make really good investments and it’s a surprise many are not utilizing it.

  8. Successful people don't become that way overnight. What most people see at a wealth, a great career, purpose is the result of hard work. 🤑🤑

  9. Thank you. Just what I needed to watch. My wife and I are directors of our farm business and own property, plus small pensions. I am nearly 56, wifey is 51. We have started to save to retire from the farm, and possibly live on rental income, I'd really appreciate you go LIVE and talk about how to earn passive income online and retire comfortably, let’s say $3M.

  10. This is actually CRAZY. I just found your channel like two weeks ago, watched few videos and thought "dang, she is awesome!" and now I look up a phrase "how to get passive income" and the second video is from you??? What an awesome coincidence

  11. I want your WhatsApp number please

  12. Great video, but let's be honest here. If you bring an audience from the past, most of these streams kind of work. If you're new or have started in the recent years it's much harder. Instagram and Youtube are now limiting reach, it's quite a challenge to really grow. Online learning platforms are lowering income teachers can make, because the market is oversaturated. Income has cut teacher income with 75% the last year. Most teachers on Skillshare struggle to make around a thousand minutes each month…. which equals around $100… pocket change. Creating an downloadable product is easy, but if you have no audience and social plaforms are limiting reach, who you're going to sell it to?

    As for Ali Abdaal…. bad example. You and many YouTubers promoting Skillshare fail to mention a little detail…. he doesn't create classes on Skillshare anymore, hasn't been active there for a year now. Why? His classes plummeted from 100K students to 5k in just 3 years. He's hardly making an income from Skillshare anymore. All the teachers with a name have left the platform or are inactive.

    YouTubers keep on rehashing the same ideas, without current market research. Some of these income streams are literary dead or impossible for newcomers and the majority of people trying them.

  13. I've been researching investment brokers and I'm really interested in working with someone trustworthy and reliable. With the recent market downturn I'm looking for a broker who can help me turn things around and make a profit Can anyone tell me about their experiences with any investment advisor..

  14. Trading never been so easy…

  15. Summary: market the crap out of something that pays you.

  16. algorithm, you know everything

  17. Great Video, gaining wealth and making financial investing is something I believe everyone should put interest in because it really pays . I previously had doubts about investing in stocks and trading but my husband and I are now making huge profits from my investment since I’ve been trading with Mildred Lopez, her trading strategies are very exceptional.

  18. I’ll stick with boring businesses instead. Going to put in a order for a ice and water vending machine today. Everyone needs ice and water. Can sell a gallon of water for $1 and bank .95 profit or a 10 pound bag of ice for $1.50 and bank $1.43 if they use a cooler or $1.40 if they use a bag from the machine. Has a app for tracking sales and equipment status and upkeep on the machine is 1hr/wk

  19. Investment (the one beside 0% risk type like putting money into a bank saving account) is an passive income source, yes, but it's not easy, much like all other options you mentioned and sometimes, if not a lot of times, can be a full-time job. It should never be casually mentioned like 'hey you should start investing' considering the sheer diversity of investment products on the market. Study on the product, its risk and returns, investment theories, market assessment AND have money to lose is absolutely needed before starting alternative investments. Your video is great for providing initial info on the topic but the caveat is all options are never as easy as it seems

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