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how to repair iron at home?




  1. दोस्त, तीन वायर है, आप टू पिन में डाल दिये, अर्थिंग कहा है

  2. ‌‍‍nice song 😁😁

  3. Can I use 1.5sqmm wire because original wire is damaged?

  4. The sound of the music sucks

  5. my own iron problem is that the neutral iron that connect cable broken, plz what can i do thanks.

  6. Remove the music with useful commentary

  7. Music hi sunana tha to iron kyu repair kardi? Bhai apni voice main video banao with problem and solution

  8. Element how its replace bro

  9. not acceptable video without audio unable understand what you want to show and express..useless video

  10. इलेक्ट्रिक आयर्न को थ्री पिन सॉकेट लगाना चाहीये क्यूँ की अर्थीन्ग देनी होती है

  11. Music se kaam nahi chalega
    Kya kharab hai wo to batana parega

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