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How to Install Artificial Turf for Beginners DIY

In this video we show you how to install Artificial turf for beginners. This is a great project for a DIY home owner that wants no maintenance for there grass or yards! Hope you enjoy and dont forget to LIKE,SHARE,SUBSCRIBE, and COMMENT!

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  1. at 7 minutes your audio turned amazing

  2. Do you need to add new infill over time or once its installed, it's good for years?

  3. Thank you guys for this video. I was quoted at 14,500 to get fake grass installed. I decided to do it my self along with some help from my buddies and we knocked the whole thing out for under 5,000 In 3 days

    The digging and leveling was the hardest part for us. But you can do it if I can!

  4. Why you use sand after installations?

  5. Save trees 🌳🌴🌳🌴

  6. Does Tiger Turf have a built in weed blocker?

  7. Cal. home of the libatards stop the voting of democracks

  8. Thank you this video! Two questions. For just a small 7×8 space that gets little foot traffic, how important to compact the base. Also, what does the sand at the end do? Thank you!

  9. What is the powder that they out at the end? What that powder do? What is the name of the attachment to spread the powder? Thank you. Great video.

  10. Great video. Thanks for posting! I’m about to tackle my project. What is your preferred base? Decomposed granite is more expensive than the entire project but recommended by manufacturer! I was thinking a small dusty crushed stone. Has your approach changed since posting? Thank you.

  11. Any thoughts why you didn’t put a black cover on the soil before putting the grass on?

  12. Not bad but your missing a lot of steps, your supposed add weed blocker before you put base rock, then after you have to hand compact all edges of base rock then after you add decomposed granite compact that add the turf and nail 1 foot apart( keep in mind the turf you are using is very thin and cheap)

  13. Insane you didn’t put a weed barrier down 😅😅😅😅

  14. Are u serious lol you guys use nails I always wondered how you kept your stuff down. Blond moment lol

  15. Do you only do orange county area?

  16. I doubt the average joe/ would have a lazer level.its not that complicated and there are better videos on here for a beginner. However the guys in this video are doing a good job.

  17. You didn’t put the cloth for weed protection?? Any reason why

  18. It is not lost on me that they are not illegals

  19. I just realized how detailed this is. When I was going to just buy the terf cut it amd lay it down 😂 good job guys

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