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Ingenious way to repair broken plastics with plastic welding method

In today’s DIY video i show you an ingenious way to repair and fix broken plastic using a soldering iron to weld the plastic together. With this plastic welding method it is a much more effective and durable than repairing using super glue and baking soda.
Hope you enjoy this video of how to repair broken or cracked plastic items or tools around the house.See you in the next 5 minutes crafts video!

Inventor 101
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  1. Super genial gracias por tu excelente enseñanza

  2. i have a plastic frame slider on my Yamaha that cracks every time i drop the bike. and it's $80 to replace. i've dropped my bike about 3 times now and it cracked so much it was no longer doing its purpose, so i took it off, and it costs $80 to replace. i might melt some metal wiring into it and paint it black, to give it a bit more rigidity when i lay the bike down

  3. I feel like the areas you've fixed are stronger than the rest of the item!

  4. It would be helpful to us novices if the materials used were listed. Like what type of tape is that? What did you remove the middle of the wire from? What kind of metal mesh is that? What did you put back in place of the plastic piece that you cut out?

  5. could somebody tell me what silver tape is?

  6. Using "stapler staples" was wonderfully simple. (And cheap)

  7. What temperature do you set the soldering iron on?

  8. Amazing. This is logical and efficacious.

  9. The best way to fix a broken piece of plastic is to buy a brand new piece of plastic and discard the broken one.

  10. Cheez way mein unki aukat dikhane ki baat

  11. 1:49 applying heat to the glued surface causes the glue to melt and decompose into toxic gases like cyanide. That can irritate your eyes like touching it with a sharp object. So be careful when soldering glued surfaces. I did it and almost got blind

  12. Глупость,видео ускорено,пока паяльник нагреет проволоку теплом с ума сойдешь ждать,в нормальных паялиниках проволока нагревается током а не теплом.

  13. Do you want lung cancer? Because that's how you get lung cancer.

  14. what tape (Silver colored) did he use at @ 2:26 and what is its speciality?

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